Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How Long...

I am in class and bored so let's see how long it'll take Talicee to see that I updated her blog!  Well... what's going on in her life you ask?  

Well... she just finished her sophmore year at BYU.  She absolutely loved it (especially her super wonderful roommates that are totally and fantastically awesome)!  She is still in Nursing--taking care of old people last semester of course!  After school, she moved to California with her mom and dad (somewhere in the LA area).  She is excited about this move, because she'll be near her nieces and nephews (especially Danika, her newest niece).  She aslo will be near her Aunt Alice :)  

Alas, however, she misses her roommates VERY VERY much... but not nearly as much as her roommates miss her!  Why does she have to be so wonderrrrrfulllll?  Also, Steve, Fred, & Phillip really miss her too... especially Phillip.  Here's a picture in case you don't know who Fred & Phillip are:
Fred is the gnome while Phillip is his faithful pirate frog
Well... when T-Street reads this, I hope her life is going so well!  Her roommates miss and love her to extreme amounts--especially the last one left in Provo!  This particular roommate can't wait to see her face in June (June 13th, to be exact)!  Have a lovely and wonderfully terrific day if you do read this.  :)  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brushing my Teeth

I am avoiding homework and so I am updating my blog about brushing my teeth... yes that's what I said...Actually I'm not really brushing my teeth, I'm typing but I was thinking about brushing my teeth. Are you bored yet. I could hide some national secret in this post and I'm pretty sure no one would ever find it...kind of like the second page of a google search. School is boring, Fred is good, Amber is awesome, and Laura is blasphemous. The world is at peace.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

*Notice: Talicee's blog has been hacked. A garden gnome named Jefferey has been apprehended for questioning as an accomplice although he is not giving any names. SO warning about following material. (fine print: this is not to say that the following information is not completely true).

Read Me! :)

My name is Talicee Lindsay.  I am currently 19 (and available), attending BYU, and working on my degree in nursing.  I have the most awesomest roommates (especially Steve and Jeffery) and live in a slightly ghetto, asbestos covered apartment in Provo (but I'm not dead yet so it's all good)!  My hobbies include watching movies, talking to Steve, reading, doing surgical procedures, not killing people, pronouncing people dead, and shopping.  I am basically freaking AMAZING!  

So... about current life.  Currently, my life is going a-okay.  Nursing classes suck.  I am currently learning how to shoot people (with a needle).  I learned not to inject air into people (only once...)!  I am also learning about old people--apparently, if an old person is depressed, I shouldn't just tell them it's because they're old.  That's supposed to be bad or something.  I also change diapers... this is not fun.  

I am currently in a clinical.  It is interesting to say the least.  I can't decide if they make me feel smart or a failure at life--currently, it's like both.  They do make me get up at ridiculous times (like 4:30am) which kinda suck.  But at least I like the girls I clinic with (yeah, I did just turn the word "clinical" into a verb... jealous?)!  

What else about life... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... that basically describes my current life.  Just a bunch of hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms.  I think you should also know I have an undying love for my awesomely wonderful roommates--Kirsten & Amy.  They are basically freaking amazing!  Kirsten is a ninja & sharpshooter.  Amy is a man with a mustache (no, really, she is... pictures below).  My other roommates--Amber & Katelyn--are also freaking amazing!  Amber is a journalistic journalist (or she will be).  Katelyn is super duper fabulous because she is/likes to shop with me!  Yah for roommates! :)  And there's Laura--who is you know... fantastical! :)  I love them all!  Yah!
Our AWESOME apartment (plus some)... Katelyn, Tailor (not in our apartment), Me (also called T-Street), Kaylie (not in our apartment), Kirsten, Amber, Amy, Weston (basically in our apartment), and Laura! 
Amy & Laura (there is the mustache)
Amy being drunk...
Laura, Sarah (my little sister), and Me

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Gonna Update My Blog About Laura

Now I'm going to update my blog.... about Laura.

Laura is my new roommate and she is SO wonderful! Sometimes, I just want to be just like her but then I realize that I can't because she is SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO wonderfully amazing! In fact, the only person that is more amazing than Laura is Steve! Steve is Laura's garden gnome and best friend and ninja assassin and serial killer depending on the day! Sometime, Steve kills people. Other times, Steve kills other people. Steve likes killing people. So yep, that's the story for the day! Yah for Steve!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I LOVE COLLEGE!!!! I am having a great time at BYU. The spirit that is present here is fantastic. Last week in English we did a critical analysis of the Book of Mormon and we say a prayer before class starts. The opening slide for my anatomy class was that scripture from Genesis where it says, God created man in his own image, male and female created he them (or something like that). It is just really cool. The picture is of me and my roommates. Tailor is in the middle and Sarah is on the right. Tailor is really fun and is majoring in communications. She has an awesome testimony and speaks french (which I just think is the coolest thing since peanut butter and jelly). Sarah is hilarious. She is from Spokane, Washington which gives me one more reason to visit Washington. Sarah is engaged to Jeremy so he is around our apartment a lot too. He is really quiet, but super nice and our official "upper-classman" that we go to when we have freshman confusion questions (like having no idea where to get our bike registered - although it is kind of funny that they make you register your bike). Anyways, so we all have a lot of fun together.

My classes are sort of hard, but I am pretty sure I will survive. OH, and I forgot to say that I officially declared a major... (Wait for it)...I am going to become a NURSE! Which is totally not what I pictured myself doing, but I am sort of loving it. Right now my major is Pre-nursing, and next semester I can apply to BYU's nursing program which is one of the best in the country. I am really psyched.

I miss everybody and hope everything is going well with all of you beautiful people that I love!