Sunday, February 26, 2012

Read Me! :)

My name is Talicee Lindsay.  I am currently 19 (and available), attending BYU, and working on my degree in nursing.  I have the most awesomest roommates (especially Steve and Jeffery) and live in a slightly ghetto, asbestos covered apartment in Provo (but I'm not dead yet so it's all good)!  My hobbies include watching movies, talking to Steve, reading, doing surgical procedures, not killing people, pronouncing people dead, and shopping.  I am basically freaking AMAZING!  

So... about current life.  Currently, my life is going a-okay.  Nursing classes suck.  I am currently learning how to shoot people (with a needle).  I learned not to inject air into people (only once...)!  I am also learning about old people--apparently, if an old person is depressed, I shouldn't just tell them it's because they're old.  That's supposed to be bad or something.  I also change diapers... this is not fun.  

I am currently in a clinical.  It is interesting to say the least.  I can't decide if they make me feel smart or a failure at life--currently, it's like both.  They do make me get up at ridiculous times (like 4:30am) which kinda suck.  But at least I like the girls I clinic with (yeah, I did just turn the word "clinical" into a verb... jealous?)!  

What else about life... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... that basically describes my current life.  Just a bunch of hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms.  I think you should also know I have an undying love for my awesomely wonderful roommates--Kirsten & Amy.  They are basically freaking amazing!  Kirsten is a ninja & sharpshooter.  Amy is a man with a mustache (no, really, she is... pictures below).  My other roommates--Amber & Katelyn--are also freaking amazing!  Amber is a journalistic journalist (or she will be).  Katelyn is super duper fabulous because she is/likes to shop with me!  Yah for roommates! :)  And there's Laura--who is you know... fantastical! :)  I love them all!  Yah!
Our AWESOME apartment (plus some)... Katelyn, Tailor (not in our apartment), Me (also called T-Street), Kaylie (not in our apartment), Kirsten, Amber, Amy, Weston (basically in our apartment), and Laura! 
Amy & Laura (there is the mustache)
Amy being drunk...
Laura, Sarah (my little sister), and Me

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