Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How Long...

I am in class and bored so let's see how long it'll take Talicee to see that I updated her blog!  Well... what's going on in her life you ask?  

Well... she just finished her sophmore year at BYU.  She absolutely loved it (especially her super wonderful roommates that are totally and fantastically awesome)!  She is still in Nursing--taking care of old people last semester of course!  After school, she moved to California with her mom and dad (somewhere in the LA area).  She is excited about this move, because she'll be near her nieces and nephews (especially Danika, her newest niece).  She aslo will be near her Aunt Alice :)  

Alas, however, she misses her roommates VERY VERY much... but not nearly as much as her roommates miss her!  Why does she have to be so wonderrrrrfulllll?  Also, Steve, Fred, & Phillip really miss her too... especially Phillip.  Here's a picture in case you don't know who Fred & Phillip are:
Fred is the gnome while Phillip is his faithful pirate frog
Well... when T-Street reads this, I hope her life is going so well!  Her roommates miss and love her to extreme amounts--especially the last one left in Provo!  This particular roommate can't wait to see her face in June (June 13th, to be exact)!  Have a lovely and wonderfully terrific day if you do read this.  :)  

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